Driving Traffic and Seller Leads

There are several ways that you can drive traffic to your land buying site:

This will be the most effective way of driving property owners to your site. When you send out your direct mailers, whether neutral letters or blind offers, you'll want to make sure you mention your site to build trust and credibility. For some of you, having your property owners go to your site to submit their property is a great way to scale your business. For some of you, going to your site is a secondary call to action where they can see if you are credible and be reminded to submit their property to you.

2. Voicemail

Another great way to drive traffic to your site, is to let your property owners who call you know on your voicemail greeting, that it is easier for you to get back to them if they submit their property to you via your website.

A lot of the times, you may be found organically via search or deliberately via search. Although, very unlikely you'll be found organically (without intent), you have a much higher chance of being searched when your mailer has gone out and the property owner enters your company name on a search engine like Google.

Relying on SEO or organic searches for your site is not a strategy that we recommend as this is not a surefire way to be found.

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